Friday, January 25, 2008

Thank God for College

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It was the second week of my senior year and I had been out partying all night. I got back on campus from a party and ran into a freshman girl who I knew liked me and wanted to fool around. We went to some frat parties and ended up making out for some people at the frats. We got a few hollers and calls from the people and decided it was probably time to head back to my room.

We got back and she pinned me down on the bed and started making out. I ripped off her shirt and pants and she did the same to me. She started rubbing her pussy up and down my dick through my boxers and just moaning so loud my roommates hit the wall to quiet her down. Finally she ripped off my boxers and I took over her panties. I pinned her down on the bed and stuck it all the way in the first time. She whimpered a bit but begged me for more. I fucked her like that for a while and then switched it to doggy. We fucked like that for a while and then she turned and said, "Please just cum in me," so I obliged her.

At that point my phone rang and it was another girl I had been hooking up with. She said to me she was on her way up and would be here in 5 minutes and wanted to have fun. I had the freshman put on her clothes and get out as soon as possible. My reason to her was that my roommate was on his way back up and was throwing up.

The freshman left and the other girl came in. We made out for a bit and then she took off my clothes (again!) and gave me some of the best head of my life. She stuck around for a few hours and then went home. She never suspected anything but I had wondered if she could tell that my dick tasted different, considering it was just in a freshman!

You may think this is made up and shit. I thought I dreamt it, until the next day when I had two messages on my computer from both girls thanking me for a great night. God bless college.

Pro Sex Stories